How to Login to your C Panel

Method 1 – Via Webzim Account

1.       Visit , and click Login, enter your email address and password, and click Login. If your forgot your password, click “Forgot Password”, enter your email address, click “Submit”,  and you will receive a password reset link in your Email.

2.       After login in, click on your domain name under “Your Active Products/Services” and click on “Login to Cpanel”. You will then be logged in automatically into your CPanel.


Method 2 – Direct Cpanel Login Page

Web Hosting Clients: Visit (replace with the name of your domain). Email Hosting Clients: Visit .You will see a login screen requiring your Username and Password. On creation of your hosting account, you will have received an email with the subject “Web Hosting Account Information”. This email contains your username and default password. Use those credentials to login. If you fail to see the emails then contact us. If you forgot your Cpanel Password after changing it, contact us.

If you see the error message “Your connection is not private” it means you have not installed your SSL Certificate. Either click “Advanced” followed by “Proceed” and login into Cpanel or Login via Method 1 above and install the free SSL certificate (Refer to How to install an SSL Certificate).

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